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Emotional flights

Sometimes we are required to perform outside the box, to go further than our limits and to add a good quantity of human factor in our job. 

When this happen, we call them emotional flights. 

The emotional fights are normal flight, but the reason behind the decision of this people to fly private that day is not related to business or meetings, nor holidays or parties. 

It’s human and has a lot to do with emotions. 

It can be the repatriation of a coffin with the family members, it can be the las wishes of a young cancer victim. It can be the urgent need of someone to feel helpful for starving kids or someone who wants to be a rescuer in war Country. 

Because the relationship between the crew and the customer on a private jet is much closer, we get to know exactly what’s the reason and we focus ourselves much more on the flight performance. 

This is the story of an emotional flight. 

A family of four booked a private jet for an awkward trip to the north of Europe, a round trip in fact. They wanted to see the Northern Lights.  

It was in the bucket list of the Mum (and Wife), to see the Aurora Borealis.

They asked the availability of a jet for few hours to fly over Iceland and far north to chase the spectacular light show, typical of this part of the word. 

Flight time? As much as necessary to chase and find the Northern Lights. Once seen them, the aircraft could fly back to the UK.

The crew prepared the jet with all the paperwork and Covid declarations for this mission and a lot of fuel, knowing that the research of the light show could have taken a while.

September is not really the right season for the Aurora Borealis, but the customers couldn’t wait any longer. 

Then they took off. All the way to Reykjavik, another quick fuel stop there, then all the way up. 


And, after a couple of hours of circling….. here they are! The dancing green and pink waves of the Northern Light, and its magical atmosphere. 

They are the optical effect of the collision of electrically charged particles of the sun that have entered the Earth’s atmosphere.

The jet flew fore some time over the spot in a circle, for the customers to enjoy the view as much as possible. 

After a toast with the champagne and a nice dinner with a great view, the jet flew back to UK.

This is another great aspect of our job: sometimes, you have the chance to make someone’s life special. 

Have you ever had an emotional flight?

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