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Empty Sector in the Corporate Aviation

In the Corporate Aviation industry, flights can vary between those with customers on board and those without, with the split being nearly 50-50.

However, the distribution heavily relies on the nature of operations.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • A flight with customers on board is showtime! We call it a live sector.
  • On the flip side, a flight without customers is known as an empty sector or ferry flight and it’s just the crew.
  • Ferry flights are essential for relocating the jet when the airport lacks overnight parking space.
  • These empty sectors are typically minimised and can even be short, such as 20-minute flights to another airport for overnight parking.
  • During ferry flights, VIP flight attendants often utilise the time to prepare for the next flight, organise the jet’s inventory, and tidy up the galley.

Personally, I enjoy ferry flights. After tending to my pilots, I settle in, brew a cup of tea, play some music, and meticulously go through the entire jet from back to front, ensuring it’s just the way I prefer.

What activities do you engage in during your ferry flights?

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