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FAQ: how long does it take to clean the jet?

You probably heard that on board Private Jet the VIP flight attendant is responsible for the cleaning of the interiors.

This is a post landing duty and you must complete it before leaving the airport.

Isn’t Business Aviation rich enough to get somebody to do that?

How long does it take?

The reason why.

The reason why the Private Jet cleaning is responsibility of the flight attendant is because the interiors are very private and we must be kept them that way. 

Therefore, excluding particular situations, no one is entitled to get inside the jet apart from crew and maintenance. 

The interiors of the jet can be customised according to the taste of the owner. 

Often, they make it look like a reflection of their house, office or yacht. 

I flew once a jet with two paintings on the wall, right in front of the main seat. 

The painting were nicely framed and signed by a famous artist of the level of Picasso or Monet (the owner was an art-lover).

This should easily explain why is not a good idea to get a lot of people on board that Private Jet. 

How long?

Well, the quantity of time you dedicate to the jet cleaning really depends on how many customers you had on board and what did they do. 

The longest time it took me was 3 hours 45 minutes after a flight with 6 customers on a Gulfsream G550. 

If they sleep on board, this makes everything much longer. 

You have to dismantle the beds, collect the bed sheets and deliver them to laundry service. 

The galley is the part of the jet that takes more time. 

After each flight we clean absolutely everything: oven, microwave, coffee machine, bar drawer, chiller (fridge). 

We wash dishes and glasses on board.

Also lavatory takes quite some time.

It must be spotless, sanitized, and you must replenish everything that have been used (toilet paper, soap, hand cream, towels,…).

The toilet cleaning is probably the less glamorous part of this job!

Average flights cleaning time.

In general you have between 2 and 3 customer on a private jet and the flights are around 3 hours flight time.

I would say that, on average, the cleaning time after landing is around one hour. 

I try to organize things already during the flight. 

For example I keep note of whatever I opened during the flight (one can of coke, one pack of nuts, etc…) in order to get a sort of shopping list ready. 

Then, when I need to restock the jet it will be faster because I know already what to take and how much. 

The important thing is that everything must be perfect. 

So we take the time we need. 

Do you get any help?

A lot of pilots do help. 

Once they are done with their post landing duties, they offer themselves to vacuum the floor, take away the rubbish, polish the cabin and so forth.

This is a time-pressure moment for the flight attendant because they are keen to go to the hotel but you leave the jet all together. 

If you are in the pilot’s base or the jet base, they might leave earlier and then you are alone on board until you finish your duties. 

This can be quite sad!

In particulate in winter, when is cold and is snowing and it gets dark very early (talking from direct experience!).

Furthermore, if you think the jet needs a deep cleaning you can request for it. 

At the scheduled time and day an external company will come on board to shampoo the carpet, steam-wash the sidewalls or the divan etc. 

We (flight attendants) usually request it after smoking flights or particularly crowded cabins. 

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