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FAQ… The questions you shouldn’t ask!

We are a Private Jet crew. 

While walk in the hotel lobby, sometimes we meet airlines crew members. 

We know they are curious and they approach us to talk, and ask questions.

And here we go: in one second we are put in a very uncomfortable position of not being able answer!

Not because we don’t know the answer, but because we can’t divulgate the informations.

Here’s the most common question I have been asked, and that I couldn’t answer. 

1. Who are you travelling with?

Private aviation is a synonym of privacy, and Private Jet Crews are voted to confidentiality. 

We can’t reveal the identity of our customers to outsiders of the operations, because this would brake the first and most important principle of Business Aviation, which is, again, confidentiality. 

Sometimes we are asked to sign a non-disclosure document where we assure we won’t tell anyone who we were flying with, where to and what happened during the flight. 

I mean…. This document it’s legal. 

2. Where are you flying to?

This might sound the most innocent question…. 

But in fact we shouldn’t reveal our destination in advance. 

Not even caterers know that. 

I usually take myself out of embarrassment by saying the destination of my previous flight, or a vague geographical area like South America, Russia, Africa….

The reason is that the people we fly usually do not want that the rest of the wold know where they are and when. 

And it’s really important that we respect this. 

3. Can you show me the interiors of the jet?

No. I can’t. 

It’s beautiful, it looks amazing and I would love to share it with you, because I am so proud! …….

But I can’t. 

Interiors of private jets, especially if they belong to someone, are the reflection of their house, office or yacht. 

I flew once on a jet with paintings on the walls of a notorious artist. 

We can’t divulgate any informations about the interiors, and this is also one of the reason why nobody apart from crew and maintenance are allowed to walk on board the jet.

No cleaning team from outside, unless is necessary. 

This is also why we need to get permission to post pictures of ourselves while on board the jet on social media. 

4.Next time you fly that football player, can you ask him for an autograph?

Mmh… let me think…..No. 

I would never-ever do that. 

Being VIP means that you behave as VIP. 

Always, with everybody. 

If the customer booked a private jet to fly from A to B, one of the reason is because he/she wants to stay in peace. 

And I would not be the one who brakes his/her expectations.

In conclusion, if you are curious about something related to this world, you can ask questions! 

But be mindful of what type of questions you are making, as you might get a different answer than the one you expect!

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