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FAQ: will you deliver a certificate after the training?

When I get the first contact with people who are trying to make their way trough the Corporate Aviation industry, they often ask me if I deliver a certificate after the training. 

Certainly, I do.

Then the following question is: will this certificate be recognised by the authorities?

No it’s not. Let me tell you why…

All these type of trainings are essentially about the commercial aspect of this job, with an introduction about safety, security and emergency equipment. 

Because you are most probably taking the training before finding your new job opportunity in this business, or maybe you’ve just moved into a new role, we can’t really predict what type of aircraft you will be flying on. 

Therefore, is not possible to give you a proper conversion course on all the type of jets.

You are a flight attendant, not a cabin crew

Moreover, the fact that you will be flying on a private jet with less than 20 seats defines you as a VIP flight attendant and not a cabin crew. 

The difference, in short, is that being a flight attendant makes you not in need of a cabin crew licence in oder to perform your job. 

Don’t get me wrong: you’d better have one!

But the law doesn’t impose it. 

What the authorities may require is the emergency training such as fire fighting, dangerous goods, first aid, cpr, defibrillator etc.

In some Countries (for example USA) they are are mandatory, in some other countries (for example Europe) they are not. 

Still, the Emergency Training certificate is not a Cabin Crew Licence. 

Why should you pay for a training that is not recognised by the authorities, then?

Very simple: for the purpose of job hunting. 

A specific training about Business Aviation comes helpful at the very first stage of your job research. 

Because you need to know quite a few things before you actually apply for a job.

Some example? How to send spontaneous applications, what are the expectations on you, what are your duties in specific, how does a typical working day look like, how to write your CV with strategy, how to face an interview. 

The cherry on top of the cake! You need this train to get access to contacts, network. Which is the most important thing.

Remember: stop thinking commercial-like. This is corporate aviation. 

Let me tell you, from a recruiter point of view. 

It’s much more fun and easy to interview somebody who has a clue of this industry, rather than somebody who shows up totally unaware.

Don’t you think?

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