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“Four Of A Kind” Poker Players

When they say that on a private jet every flight is different, please believe them: it’s so true !

Normally, the flight attendant conducts the game.

When they are going to eat, what they will do next, when do they have to give back their glass of champagne etc.

A VIP flight attendant plays this game in order to respect the safety and security rules, and in order to have the time give the customers everything they are expecting without rushing.

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Well, it is also true that, sometimes, they are the one conducting the game!

This happen when they want you to seat and talk to them, when they ask you to help them with their children, or, like I explain in this video, when they need a fourth poker player for their game, or simply seeking company to watch a tennis match.

The beautiful unpredictability of the corporate industry!

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