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Good Manners on a Private Jet

There are some rules of etiquette which are easy and necessary to follow when you work on board a Private Jet. 

For both VIP flight attendants and VIP pilots there are some behaviour of “good manner” that worth to be mentioned when working on a Private Jet. 

My ten advices

  1. Introducing yourself and give some quick information about the flight. Only if you see the customers want to talk, it’s nice to let them know your name and give a quick introduction of the flight. If they are busy in a conversation, skip this part and do not impose yourself nor force them to pay attention. 
  2. Move calmly and softly throughout the cabin. It’s not nice to hear heavy steps or overwhelming presence when you are trying to relax. The role of a VIP flight attendant is supposed to be always present, yet invisible. 
  3. Bend down on eye level when talking to them. When you are discussing the menu, or if they are giving you instructions about their luggage to pick up from the hold, bend down on your knee. The non-verbal communication will be less aggressive. 

Low profile: the golden rule

  1. Keep a low tone of voice. Same as per the soft movements, also a low tone of voice contributes in reassuring, maintaining a calm environment and reduce stress. 
  2. Keep a low profile. Again, with the goal of not imposing yourself to your customers keep a low profile also in regards of uniform, body fragrance, jewellery and make up. 
  3. Do not wish “Bon Appètit” but rather “enjoy your breakfast/lunch/dinner”. The etiquette discourage form wishing good appetite when you just served a meal. It’s more elegant to wish them “enjoy your meal”.
  4. Stay in the cabin until the conversation is over. If one customer stops you to talk, you stay there until you understand the conversation has come to an end. Obviously this rule doesn’t apply in case of emergency, when he captain is calling you or if there are other guests waiting to be served. 
  5. Do not refuse a tip. When they live you a tip, just take it discreetly and say a simple “thank you, much appreciated”, then leave. It’s not nice  to refuse a tip, especially on a Private Jet. When they tip you means they particularly appreciated your job and professionalism and deny it is a sign of disregards towards their feelings. 

Active and open communication

  1. Always acknowledge emails. This is more related to communication between crew and the office. Let them know you receive correctly their email, even if it’s the 100th crew bringing of the day, or your airline ticket to position back home. 
  2. Help during boarding. When they climb the Private Jet stairs, often they are carrying bags, backpacks, newborns or dogs on a lace. Be proactive and take away something from their hands or help an elderly customer by offering your arm as a stable grip. Always wear a white cotton glove to respect their privacy and not touching their belongings with bare hands. Even more important now during covid to protect yourself as well. 

I hope you can find these ten simple rule inspiring and helpful!

What do you do as good manner rule on board your Private Jet?

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