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How To Order catering On A Private Jet?

Vip Flight Attendants are like hosts in a mansion.

We welcome our customers on board like we would do in our house, and we offer them the number-one-basic-need of human life: food and water.

….But in a VIP mode 🛩 !

Ordering catering and planning a menu is probably the biggest task for a VIP flight attendant and this require a good familiarity with different culture, cuisines, time of preparation according to flight duration, space available in your jet to properly stow your catering , appliances that you can use for food preparation (oven, microwave, kettle, frother, coffee machine, fridge…).

I find it particularly fun and creative!

Probably one of the best chances of express your personality through the menu that you prepare for your customers.

In some companies there are dedicated department who take care of that, due to the extremely busy operation they run.

Regardless if it was you who planned that menu or the colleagues in the office, the main ingredient is always LOVE ❤️ !

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