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How’s The Relationship Between Cockpit And Cabin

How does it work between the flight deck and the cabin in a Private Jet?

We are used to see in all airlines flight deck a bulletproof, jammed-proof door that stays closed all the time.

Access is always denied, and the pilots are segregated behind this door.

If you ever have to access the flight deck, you often need a secret code, or a specific procedure at the very least.

Well, on a private jet is nothing like this!

Often, the only separation between cockpit and cabin is a curtain (that I have never seen closed) and this makes all the dynamics more open, direct and free.

Pilots are indeed involved with the cabin, customers can go and speak to them, and this makes it way more relaxed and stress-free although still very professional.

The advantages of seeing the pilots all the time is that nervous flyers can feel more comfortable and this is a huge help in calming them down.

Moreover, their big windows make you feel more “open air” and less “inside a can”, and the pictures from the cockpit are unbeatable!

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