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Jackets and Coats Tricks for Private Jets

Winter season means bulky clothes, and we all know how difficult it can be to manage them on a Private Jet!

First things first… as part of my personal checklist after boarding, the first thing I do is to manage jackets and coats.

Being a good host, you have to make sure your customers are not experiencing the inconvenience of having a bulky coat in their hands, whilst they are trying to sit down and relax.

Therefore, I offer to collect and hang them in the wardrobe. Normally, the wardrobe is located in the rear of the cabin.

I stow them and then I take care of the bags as well. This is part of the cabin preparation for take off.

After landing, I know I need to re-unite the coat to its owner, and, ideally, I should go without hesitation to the right person.

What’s my technique?

1. Move the hook of the hanger facing forward or aft to differentiate a customer seated to the right or the left side of the cabin.

2. Keep all items of the same person on the same hanger. A gentlemen’s jackets and coats together, Ladies’ jacket and mink together as well.

3. You can affix a post-it note on the hanger with their respective names.

4. If it is a business flight, gentleman will likely wear a suit.

For instance, all you have to do is to observe the fabric and the color of the jacket and look for the matching trousers worn by the customer.

In summer time the jackets are less in number and in volume so it’s a bit easier.

How do you deal with the coats and jackets? Do you have another system to manage them?

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