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One FA or two FAs? This is the problem.

We know that the majority of the Private Jets are Single-Flight-Attendant operations. 

We also know that the jets operated in multi crew are usually only Boeing or Airbus. 

However, there are certain situation where you can have two flight attendants on board a private jet which is designed to have only one. 

What means to fly 14 customers out of 14 seats?

Full house jet: the most scary nightmare of a VIP flight attendant. 

A private jet can be designed in different ways, but they will never exceed 19 seats. 

They can be less than that tho.

It depends on the aircraft type and the interior configuration that the owner chose. 

A Private Jet is a comfortable way to fly because it is not crowded as much as the airline. 

If you have a 13, 14 or 19 seats jet, you will be comfortable to fly up to 5 customers.

It is true that you have more space for other people, yet the comfort will be severely compromised. 


Because 14 people out of 14 seats will just step on each other’s feet and the general feeling will be of an over crowded place, messy cabin and a constantly dirty lavatory.

And you looking overwhelmed by the situation. 

The cargo compartment will be overfilled of luggage, the entire boarding operations will take much longer. 

Moreover, the jet accommodates a specific number of beds which is less than the number of the seats. 

If you have a long haul flight or a night flight and a full cabin, they have to sleep on their seats. 

And if you have to sleep on a seat rather than a bed, you lose a big part of the comfort of flying private. 

Service problems

Not to mention the problems related to the service and the catering. 

Catering for 14 people will be huge! 

On a private jet you are supposed to have enough catering in case they all want to eat the same type of dish. 

The menu usually includes 4 different starters, 4 different main course, 4 side dish and a good selection of desserts. 

Whatever doesn’t fit in the chiller (fridge) we usually store the rest in cool boxes and put them in the lavatory or somewhere else for take off and landing. 

But this is not the real challenge!

The real challenge is the service. 

You are supposed to serve lunch, breakfast or dinner to the entire cabin pretty much at the same time. 

And if it’s a long haul flight, you have at least two services.

This means to wash dishes, cutlery and glasses after the first service to get the necessary equipment for the second service. 

Put your mind at ease that you can’t work by the book because you are alone and they are too many.  

A jet is not a restaurant and the space and the equipment are limited. 

So you will end up to do a more “Caravan Service” rather than “Private Jet Service”. 

By “Caravan” I mean that you have to be aware of the fact that you need to prioritise the time and the efficiency to the style. 

What to do then?

The solution is to get a second flight attendant!

Some operators have this as policy for flights above 6 customers. 

If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, don’t try to be the super hero. 

Ask to the Flight Attendant Manager or operations department to get a second flight attendant with you. 

They can call a freelance for this mission and you will have the support you need. 

One will be seated in the jumpiest in the cockpit if applicable (otherwise in the cabin), and the other one in the crew seat. 

Cost wise, this is not a drama because the cost of the second flight attendant twill be charged to the client. 

In conclusion, if you are scheduled with a flight or multiple flights with a crowded cabin, ask for help. 

State clear and loud that you need a second flight attendant.  

The company you work for understands the challenge and I am sure they will be happy to approve it!

At the end of the day, you are a VIP flight attendant, not a marathon runner.

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