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Private Aviation Compensation – Per Diems

In Private Aviation the compensation that we receive is divided into two parts.

One is the fixed earnings, or the basic salary.

Quite often this can be low, because it is fully taxed.

The other part is variable and is called the per diem.

The per diem is a daily allowance that you receive for the out-of-pocket expenses (meals, snacks, sometimes laundry) you incur when on duty or travelling.

Typically, the more you work, the more per diems you receive and this is what boosts the salary.

There is specific terminology that you should be aware, and which are stipulated in the contract of employment you receive.

Special Benefits

In some other cases, there may be an additional benefit whereby the meals are covered with the company credit card.

This means that you can use the company credit card (every crew member has one) to pay at the restaurant whilst on duty.

In this case, you will still receive the agreed per diems, but they are normally a small amount due to taxation thresholds.

This token value should be enough to cover minor personal expenses.

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