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Private Jet Coach Bites

Private Jet Coach is pleased to offer a new program, called Private Jet Coach Bites.

We are delighted to present bite-sized training inclusive of specific topics related to the career as a VIP Flight Attendant on a Private Jet.

The subjects that will be discussed are:

  • Food plating
  • Laundry folding and Mise en Place (Table set up)
  • Silver Service
  • Wine service and wine presentation
  • Flower arrangement

All of the events are practical exercises.

Duration and Cost

Each training event will be conducted online via a video call platform with a duration between 1.5 and 2 hours.

The price for each session is 100€ per person, and in specific subjects the student will be required to source some shopping items.

For example, the food plating session will require some groceries. The trainer will share the shopping list approximately one week in advance and the student will actively plate the dish in front of the camera together with the trainer.

Jet Bites and Certification

We offer the opportunity to purchase multiple lessons at a discounted price. You can use all the lessons for the same topic, or mix and match.

This package is called ‘Jet Bite’, and is inclusive of 5 lessons at 15% off normal value.

Business Aviation is an elite industry, consequently the performance of a VIP Flight Attendant must be superlative.

To achieve a high level, it is necessary to continually evolve and refine the skills.

In order to do that, Private Jet Coach will provide a certificate of completion for each subject, divided into three levels.

  • Silver Bites (basic level, 5 lessons completed)
  • Gold Bites (intermediate level, 10 lessons completed)
  • Platinum Bites (advanced level, 15 lessons completed)

Who can enjoy Private Jet Coach Bites?

All aviation lovers who want to invest in themselves!

For instance, If you want to compare your style with another professional, or you want to hone your technique.

If you want to enhance your knowledge and keep yourself up-to-date with the latest trends in hospitality.

For those VIP Flight Attendants who are new to the industry, and also for the experienced ones who simply want to learn while having fun!

In conclusion, Private Jet Coach Bites is not a substitute of the full VIP Flight Attendant training offered by the academy.

Above all, it is an opportunity to expand and focus in detail on those specific soft skills that can elevate your VIP Flight Attendant style.

Private Jet Coach: Finding the universe in one detail.

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