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Private Jet Door

Did you know that the main door of a private jet is locked and unlocked with a conventional key?

Many private jets have a key that the crew use to secure the handle closed in order to prevent its function.

Each crew member assigned to that jet, or fleet, has a copy of the key and it is carried with us every day. 

When the day is over, we lock the jet before leaving the airport. 

Moreover, on jets like Bombardier, Falcon or Gulfstream (also other manufacturer’s as well), the aircraft door has entry stairs incorporated on the structure of the door.

By opening the door, the stairs present in front of you, reaching the ground and allowing you to climb on board. 

When closing the door from the inside, the stairs automatically re-stow into a flat position, facing the cabin. 

The design of this type of jet differs from an airliner type, notably that they do not have further doors or emergency exits opposing one another. 

The second emergency exit is normally a window located on the wing, the so called over-wing exit. 

Therefore, you have an exit on the front left of the jet (the passenger door or main entrance door), and another one on the middle right (the window over-wing emergency exit) of the fuselage.

Sometimes you have two windows opposite each other, on the left and on the right, one for each wing. 

Discover more on this video!

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