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Private Jet Restocking – Loading Plan

When you are in charge of the jet, you are responsible for the interior. In particular, the order, cleanliness and availability of consumables we commonly refer to as ‘stock’.

This stock is primarily associated with every useable item in the galley, albeit not limited to this area.

You are aware that the customers on board a private jet can open every drawer, door, and closet/cupboard (and they do!).

Moreover, they are entitled to take or use whatever they like, excluding the aircraft emergency equipment, of course.

Therefore, it is imperative that the flight attendant constantly monitors the cabin and contents, in readiness to perform a restock of what is needed on board.

Some of this ‘reserve’ stock you can find also in the cargo hold, so it is good practice to maintain awareness of what is available over there too.

The Loading Plan

To make life easier, it is extremely helpful to organise in advance, perhaps by means of an inventory list of what items are expected to be there.

This ‘inventory’ is referred to as the we ‘loading plan’.

The loading plan is literally a document representing a map of the jet, identifying all of its storage spaces and describing what goes where and specific quantities.

When your duty is coming to the end, all you have to do is consult the loading plan and compare it to the stock you have on board.
The missing items will create a shopping list.

Where to restock?

One more thing: If you are away from base (the home base of the jet), you may be able to source the required items from a supermarket. Purchase those items with the company credit card and submit the expense to the financial department.

If you are at home base (base of the jet), you should have access to a stock room, which is basically a warehouse with all the jet items.

You just take a basket and help yourself, working with your ‘shopping list’.

Normally, there is a person hired to exclusively keep the stock room…. restocked!

In conclusion: your task is complete when you have restocked and stowed all the respective items back on board the jet, ready for the next flight or handover to a fellow crew member.

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