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Read Your Cabin – Ice Cold Cristal

Every group of people is called a society, and every society has its own (unwritten) rules.

The hierarchy is established and there is a set of behaviours that are taken into consideration in order to properly approach with the other members.

This can be easily observed within a group of people flying on a private jet.

The lead customer – the most important person in this society- is setting the rules for all of the others.

For example, if the Lead Customer consumes alcohol, everyone else feels authorized to drink alcohol as well.

If he or she doesn’t, it may be difficult for someone else in the group ‘break the ice’, as it were, by asking for an alcoholic beverage.

The dynamics are therefore set by the interaction and the relationship between the individuals.

It is also very interesting to notice how they respect the hierarchy even when it comes to the seat they occupy for the flight.

This video presents a case study on how these dynamics work, and how can you interpret the body language of your customers in order to adapt to their needs and provide them what they wish.

Reading your cabin, is the most common and useful suggestions you’ll get in the corporate aviation industry.

How do you do that? By developing your emotional intelligence.

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