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Silver Service on a Private Jet: Buffet Etiquette

The VIP flight attendant oversees the in-flight service on the private Jet, which can vary depending on the circumstances of the flight.

In a scenario like an overcrowded flight (from 6 customers above), offering a buffet service might be a good option.

This allows passengers to serve themselves from a selection of delicacies set up in the cabin (usually on the credenza).

In the meantime, the flight attendant focuses on maintaining the buffet, keeping it organized, restocked, and providing an active beverage service.

This service is commonly preferred by families or groups of friends traveling together because it’s informal and engaging.

Since it is a more casual service, it’s essential to understand the purpose of the flight beforehand.

Also, the choice of the food items is quite important: make sure they are “buffet friendly” and keep in mind the food safety!

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