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Sleepy Customers

Recently, I did a flight from Spain to Germany on a Super Mid Size Jet. 

My customers requested the bed in advance. The flight was departing at 13.00 local and me and the crew were positioning the aircraft to the island in the morning. Flight time was a bit over four hours. 

I was flying a Legacy 500, so the cabin is pretty short and the jet is brand new and really comfortable. I prepare the divan as bed, with all my bed linen, duvet and pillows. 

How to mount the bed

The divan’s bed of the Legacy 500 works the same as in any other jet.

With the lever I extended the seat towards inboard, creating a gap between the seat and the back cushions. In this aircraft there’s one lever for each seat, some other models have one unique lever for the whole divan. 

I removed the vertical bottom cushions attached by the velcro and I placed them horizontally in the space created by the movements of the seats. 

Then, I notice that the velcro was visible and this could be annoying for the customers as it can ruin the cloths. So I took a runner and I covered the seat back of the entire divan to prevent the velcro to attach itself to the clothes. 

Consequently, I finished the bed with the bed linen. Mattress cover around all the edges of the horizontal cushions, then the duvet with its cover and the pillows.

I had only one big pillow (usually it’s two per person).

I took two little pillows and I added them in front of the big one. Duvet edge was open and then folded again to show the embroidery.

A cachemire blanket was lying on top of the small pillow as final touch. 

To complete the bed, I put a night kit that I have prepared with the items in the lavatory. Toothbrush, toothpaste, eye serum, earplugs, paper napkin and face cream.

I placed it nicely on the cachemire blanket and then, next to it, some chocolate-dipped almonds for a sweet treat.

Final touch: one bottle of water each, placed in the close cup-holder.  

Useful Tips

Customers used the bed immediately after lunch, but it was more like a digestive nap rather than a sleep. 

They didn’t want to lower the windows shields and I didn’t had to wake them up at a specific time. 

I left them saying that, if they need me they could push the call button twice, just to be sure it’s a real call and not accidental while moving in the bed. I wished good rest and I closed the galley door. 

Sometimes is difficult when you have only one lavatory on board. If the customers are sleeping, passing trough the cabin is basically forbidden unless is an emergency. Me and the crew briefed each other about this and we managed not to be in need of the toilet for the entire flight. 

How do you manage your bedding on board? What do you usually do to make a remarkable flight when it includes some rest time for your customers?

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