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Successful Story of Jamal Ennaoum

Doing the private jet training with Martina was something I was really looking forward to, and I have to say my expextations were not unattended!!

I would like to start by saying that she was immediately very  flexible and adapting to my needs.

I was also surprised by how complete the course was, as we covered all the important aspects of this job, from the most technical parts to the service in all its aspects ,which I really enjoyed.

Martina has a real passion for her job and she transmits it with the care that she shows to her student.

Even after the training was finished, she added me to a whatsapp group where Vip Fa and aspiring Vip Fa give tips and support each others.

Moreover, she provided me with 3 scenarios to help me prepare for my future flight!

Thanks to her experience and mentoring, I now feel confident to face and interview and ready to embark on this new career!!

Jamal Ennaoum

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