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Successful Story of Spyros Raptis

I had the great honour and pleasure to having been recruited and hired by Ms Martina Vincenzi at one of the Best and most Prestigious VIP Companies Worldwide with the most Amazing Colleagues someone would have ever asked for. Since our first communication, I realized that Ms Vincenzi was such a professional and skilled Lady. Really Loving, Caring and at the same time following all the right steps for the successful selection of VIP Flight Attendants (Cabin Servers) and Pilots. During the unfortunate situation of the Covid-19 lockdown, Martina exceeded herself and started providing on remote Training and Tasks on the specific Business Jet, Catering Orders and Creation of Menus, so as for us to be continually conducted to the Business and the Nature of the Job even during the lockdown period. She clearly and very adequately passed through all her Knowledge, Skills, Tips, Love and Great Passion for her job. It was such a rewarding and extremely beneficial period to all of us and I am forever Happy and Grateful for selecting me to join my Dream Company providing Inflight Excellence and a Unique Hospitality Experience.With Great Honour,Spyros Raptis

VVIP Flight Attendant at Private

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