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The handover

Every crew remember, when leaving the jet to another crew, should leave a detailed handover.

The handover tells you about the conditions of the Private Jet. 

The cockpit handover 

Pilots do fill up their handover, and often this has the shape of the Technical Log Book. 

In there, they will mention all cockpit and Private Jet relevant information, plus some major cabin defects that the flight attendant noticed and communicated to them.

The TLB is shared also with the maintenance team, for them to consult what needs to be fixed and work on it as soon as possible.

The cabin handover

From the cabin point of view, there isn’t an official document for the handover. Sometimes you write an email, or even a WhatsApp message. It can be also phone call!

It should tell every single thing about the aircraft, including also the restock status. 

Use this tool to tell the next flight attendant what you have done, what is missing, what you couldn’t buy, or what is on board which doesn’t belong to the standard load (about aircraft standard stock, consult the loading plan)

Also, use the handover to mention about minor cabin defects. In other words those imperfections in the cabin that doesn’t compromise the safety and security. 

For example: the bottom galley drawer is hard to open, the conference table has a scratch on the surface, the master seat’s seat belt has a stain. 

I take advantage of this communication also to speak about major cabin defects that had been already passed onto cockpit. 

My suggestion for your handovers

Really try your best to communicate a lot. Event if there isn’t anything unusual to say, I just say that everything its up to standard. Better to spend one extra word than one less.

I also talk about the services done or missing to the Private Jet, such as water service and toilet service, or if there’s something to collect form the laundry or FBO.  In this way the next flight attendant has a pretty clear view of what’s the status and how much work is there for her. 

How do you share your handovers? What’s the main information you hand on to the next colleague?

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