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The jet column: Embraer Praetor 600

I just had the chance to fly with the newest product of the Brazilian manufacture Embraer. 

The Praetor, beside the aggressive name is a delicate and elegant jet. The cabin is small and intimate, and looks exactly the same as the Legacy 500.  

The cockpit technology is identical between the two jets.

The cabin is composed by 4 seats in the first cabin portion, then a 3 seats divan and another two seats on the opposite side. 

There’s one spacious lavatory with a wardrobe compartment but this doesn’t include the access to the cargo. 

As per the older sister Legacy 500, the cargo is accessible only on ground, though a built-in ladder. 

The galley is the same size of the Legacy 500. As for the older sister there is no chiller, no oven, only one small microwave. 

Two things are new for me on this aircraft: 

You can fly transatlantic. 

Despite the mid-size of this jet, the tanks capacity is big enough to take you oversea. 

This opens up a range of possibilities for this jet which goes much further than London-Paris!

The usual bedding system is also available. Just consider the divan as the biggest bed, because there’s no conference table. 

The throne

I found this funny nickname for the flight attendant seat, which is the toilet. The toilet is configured as a proper seat thanks to the safety belts mounted. 

It’s not very comfortable because the back of the seat is up to just half of my back. 

There isn’t a head and shoulder rest because the window-emergency exit is right behind you. 

Despite that, it’s quite enjoyable and intimate. 

Lavatory door must be open when you are seated there for take off and landing. 

Because I am used to seat in crew suites or jump seats at least, I was quite curious to test this belted toilet seat. 

My vote is a thumb up for the privacy (the side wall leaves only your legs visible) and the easy operation. 

Don’t forget to make eye contact with the cockpit crew every noun and then!

During the approach at destination my pilots needed to tell me that we had to divert onto another airport due to weather.

They made a double call in the cabin to attract my attention.

When I looked at them, they made me the signs to come over and they explained me the situation. 

Look at the ceiling

Another feature that I really really like is the information panel above each seat.

It’s a small screen with all the flight information.

You can play a movie, a short film, a concert or whatever else on the big cabin screens.

This helps a lot in creating a wonderful cabin ambiance!

Oh, and wifi is also available, which raise this girl to high standards!

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