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The seasons of the Business Aviation

In Europe, Business Aviation is a seasonal job that can squeeze you like a lemon from April to September included, and then leave you on ground for several weeks with almost nothing to do. 

This is because typically, the customers of a Private Jet do travel in the winter season for work, and in summer season for work and holiday. 

The beginning of the high season is the month of April and May, then June and July are the peak, in August still high but a bit quieter, and September busy but much more relaxed (typically busy until the 15th). 

October and November are usually very quite months, December there’s a bit of business for the Christmas holidays which will finish in January, and from February to March again very quiet. 

In the USA, it works exactly the other way round: winter is the peak season and summer are the quiet months. 

The business of the Corporate Aviation is beaten by the time and the social events such as Super Bowl, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, New Year’s Eve, school closure, and others. 

All the organisation which works in the field such as Private Jet Operator, brokers, maintenance, catering, FBOs, freelances pilots and flight attendants are all subjected to this season changes and basically their chance of earnings are reduced to just a few month every year. 

Usually all organisation do work very hard during the peak season and concentrate courses, scheduled maintenance, business developments plans, investments, trainings to new joiners, recurrent training for flying crew and recruitment in the low season because the proper attention and time can be dedicate to those matters. 

All those efforts are done in order to be ready to beat the competitors at the beginning of the new high season. 

Personally, I thought that this 2020 summer would have been somehow different, because of the pandemic. In fact, the same story just repeated with the same scenario: it simply started a bit later than usual (due to lockdown) and it continued in the conventional way. 

How can you prepare yourself the best way for the upcoming season?

Dedicate some time to study. 

Invest time and resources to your preparation. 

Learn something new and continue chasing knowledge and perfection. 

Private Jet Coach is here to help.

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