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The super power of a freelance

Either you are a freelance pilot or a freelance flight attendant, you definitely have to develop a sort of super power to hit the market. 

First of all, let’s explain what freelance means. 

In the Corporate World, a freelance pilot or flight attendant is an individual professional who doesn’t have a contract of employment with a specific company. 

He or she  has a list of contacts and collaborates on an occasional basis with them. 

Basically, a freelancer is an entrepreneur, who individually manage his or her job. 

A freelancer is in control of his time, and he decided when to work, how long for, with whom and, sometimes, he can also state the compensation. 

Freelancer during covid time

In the past, they considered them as “ronin” – the samurai without an owner- or a mercenary.

Now that Covid crisis has arisen they are far more appreciated. 

Back in the past, only few individuals used to base their professionalism on the freelance activity. 

For then majority of the other pilots and flight attendant that was just a temporary situation to fill up the time and earn some money in between two employments. 

Nowadays, freelancers are highly appreciated exactly because they are a temporary solution while waiting for safer times – covid wise. 

Often, it happens that the companies select their favourite candidate/s and then offers an initial period as freelance before going for the regular contract of employment. 

This period may vary: it depends entirely on the company financial status and their plans for the future. 

Three months, six months even twelve months on a freelance basis is very common.

You must be patient and put your future on a stranger’s hands, I know.

However, I find this an acceptable compromise, though. 

You both have the chance to have a look from close.

You have the time to figure out the other part, see if you like the aircraft, the crew, the operation, the company, the customers. 

Plus, the compensation is actually higher. 

On the other hand, they have the time to see how you work, your personality, test your flexibility and your reliability. 

The contract of employment, if the puzzle fits for both sides, is a natural evolution of the existent relationship. 

Keep in mind that, as you are freelancing, nothing stops you to continue searching for another employment while earning some money. 

At the end of the day, an interview is not denied to anyone, right?

The super powers of the freelance are


It happened that I have been pulled out for 15-days rotation with 24 hours notice. 

It also happened that I have been pulled out for a 5 days mission with 2 hours notice.  

I never thought that my limits could be stretched this much, though!


If they call you, is because they are in distress. 

A sudden emergency or a last minute change can force the operation team to search for an alternative crew member. 

And you are the one who can help to get the job done!

Public Relation.

Every freelance needs to constantly feed their list of contacts.

With patience, consistency, creativity and self consciousness.

Financial maturity.

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