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VVIP Pilot Interview Preparation

How to get ready for your interview as a Private Jet Pilot

Interviews can be tricky and very stressful, because they require you to sell yourself in the best way possible and show your capabilities to people who knows nothing about you…. in a short time. 

This requires some “homework” and Private Jet Coach will be glad  to guide you to the best way to create an impeccable résumé and handle an interview and simulator in a very professional way. 

To achieve all of the above training is the key, and who can prepare you better than a recruiter?

Hiring process usually goes through different stages, and having access to the next stage means you have successfully passed the previous stage. It’s like an escalation of tests that allows the recruiter to see you from different point of view and make their selection based on the amount of information they collected  by spending time with you, working on your profile, listen to you and, most of all, observing your body language.  Being a recruiter can keep you very busy, because the amount of work that stays behind every candiate can be enormous. 

Many companies also refer to the emotional intelligence to get to know better what’s underneath the surface, and this is done mainly because during the interview you tent to show the best of you, but what they really want to see is the real you.  

Through an emotional intelligence test recruiters can see the bigger picture of the candidate, but this is not going to be the main point of evaluation of the candidate’s profile, it’s just one of them. 

Private Jet Coach will assist  you studying for your interview: we will go through video calls on a  first stage, group assessments, role plays, face to face interview simulations, pilot skill test, English test, emotional intelligence test, typical pilot simulator briefing, what’s the etiquette of an interview, including dress code rules. 

Yes, we always look at what you wear! 

Is also important to prepare a list of pertinent questions that shows the interest into the job and is vital to take notes.

This will be a realistic reproduction of a job interview, and Private Jet Coach is  here to make sure that nothing will be left behind!

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