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What Does Cleanliness Mean To You?

Private Jets are a very clean environment, and we must give credit for this to the VIP flight attendants!

We can spend a lot of energy organizing the entire airplane and tidying up the galley.

The cleanliness is a skill that sometimes is tested even during interviews.

Check out this video for a better understanding of the feeling of cleanliness and how recruiter deal with it during the recruitment process.

Moreover, find below some other tricks I’d like to share with you!

– Take a cotton pad, and pour a few drops of essential oil of eucalyptus, jasmine, lavender or citrus. Throw it in the waste container of the lavatory and galley. Put it inside the waste bag for a nice smell when you open the bin.

– Hide a sachets of potpourri smelling of fresh laundry or cotton in the closet/wardrobe where you place the customer’s coats and the cupboard/drawer where you keep the bed linen.

– Spray a room scent before boarding directly on the carpet or on the fabric of the decorative cushions in the cabin. Make sure the spray is not dangerous for fabric.

– When stopping the jet somewhere for overnight or for a few days, leave the microwave door and oven door slightly open for air circulation, to prevent condensation and bad smells.

– During the jet overnight always leave the sink cover and the bar drawer open, in particular if you didn’t have the time to clean and dry them.

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