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What to put in your suitcase?

When leaving for a rotation, my suitcase is strategically prepared, in order to face any situation I might encounter. 

Let’s see it in 4 point.

1. Until short time ago, in Saudi Arabia was illegal for women to walk around with normal clothes. Now seems like it’s no longer the case, however I always bring with me an Abaya.

2. Now with Covid, to find a place to eat can be difficult, due to the curfew rule that many Countries have put in place.  

Also, a lot of restaurants might have closed after the first lockdown, and many hotels are still following the restrictions where their restaurants are not open to public. 

For this reason, I carry a plastic box  with some essential food items, to prevent starvation!

3. Extra uniform shoes and uniform Items, obviously. I carry 3 full sets with me, for a 15 days rotation. What if one heel gets broken? Or the jacket has a tear?

Better to have alternatives. 

In addition to this: cloths, personal hygiene products, hair product, make up, shoes and any other personal items.

4. Work items.

I love food plating and I carry my tools and garnish kit with me all around the world. 

It’s a brown, velvet pouch and it contains two brush-spoon for decoration, three different size of tongues to handle small items and 6 different spatulas. I also have a portable milk foamer and a small rope for menu wrapping.  

Every VIP flight attendant has different skills, so I know other colleagues carry, for instance, children’s gadgets, birthday cards, special room scents, flowers and vase.

Do a checklist!

When I leave, I have a sort of check list to complete to ensure I have taken everything I call it WKUCP (to read vkusp)

W stands for wallet

K stand for garnish kit

U stands for uniform

C stand for computer and charger

P stands for passport and phone

When WKUCP is completed, everything else is irrelevant. 

A colleague told me once that, before leave home, he has a sort of ritual to check if everything is ready.

It’s a cross sign that he does on himself, where the first point is the head, for glasses, center chest is the ID, right pocket is wallet and phone and left pocket are the keys. 

He does it every time before leaving home and hotels. 

Do you have any funny rituals for your uniform and luggage preparation?

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