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Why do we plate food on Private Jets?

Plating food is a technique used since many centuries and its goal is to enhance the food itself, create curiosity, stimulate the appetite and please the eyes with something nice and equilibrate. 

To plate food nicely might seem complicated, but in fact it’s not, and is really fun, actually!

First of all, let’s talk about the real role of the food on our tables. Food is the items that more than anything wakes up our instinct and our selfishness. To offer food to others is considered since the beginning of the world a very kind gesture, because you are willing to share a vital elements, something that keeps you alive. 

How we do eat also speaks loud about our personality: if you share your food, if you make sure everyone has the same portion, if you pick food from other’s plate with or without permission. This will show independency, altruism, impudence, generosity, opportunism and much more. 

Because en Private Jets the service provided is more than First Class, we do pay great attention on plating techniques and we do train also a lot. 

It’s not like plating is everybody’s greatest skill, but we need to know at least some basics to make sure we deliver a service up to VIP standards at least. For sure, you need to know how to plate dessert at least as they are the most scenographic food items that can turn a lousy flight into a great success. 

Here’s 5 hints on how to plate:

  1. Don’t try to do things if you don’t have the right equipment. Correct plating and garnishing tool are very cheap, better to get what you need instead of improvise. On a Private Jet you don’t need that many, though!
  2. Play with colours. Different dishes ahas different color. How you mix them together can create a wonderful painting!
  3. Try something new as much as you can! Believe me…’s real fun and gives you a lot of satisfaction. Some caterers gives you all you need to plate like a pro. Give it a try on your next flight!
  4. Go for the right size of plate. Better to stay small rather than “too white” or “too empty”. Less is more, they say. 
  5. Personalise the garnishment and the decoration according to the dish, the colours, the odours, the taste, the day, the mood……and what you have available as garnishment!

If you want to learn more about plating, garnishing kits and how to make stunning decoration on board a corporate jet, Private Jet Coach can guide you trough useful suggestions about the art of plating food.  

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