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Why Food Taste Different When In Altitude?

Have you ever noticed how food and wine taste different when you fly?

This is caused by the extremely dry environment of the pressurized cabin and the effect that this has on our mouth, nose and ears.

It is known that basic tastes such as sweet and sour need a booster to be perceived, and it’s extremely important to maintain the body hydrate to “prepare” the nose mucosis and the papillae of the tongue to receive the food.

It is also worth to consider in which order you should serve food (which taste comes first) in order to help your customers to enjoy their meal.

Starting with a bit of hydration (water), then the umami taste as first can be very beneficial in preparation for the rest of the food.

Umami is a rich, full and round taste that can be described with tomato juice, tabasco and miso soup.

Bon Appetit!

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