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Winter Operation – Vodka Procedure

Now that winter is coming, we need to protect our private jet from freezing temperature when exposed outdoor for prolonged time.

The first thing to do is to make sure that there is no water left in the system in the lavatories and galley.

This action is called “water drain” and can take up to 20 minutes.

Depending on the type of jet, this can be done in the flight deck by the pilots or from the flight attendant panel located in the galley.

Remember to empty also the water pipes to remove any water left in the tanks and in lines that connect the sink to the tank.

If the water freezes, the ice can break the pipes, damage the tank or create a clog that prevents fresh water to be loaded in the tanks on the next departure.

For additional caution, some companies also implemented the so called “vodka procedure” where the crew has to pour vodka down the toilet and the sinks.

Alcohol has a lower freezing point and therefore creates one more protection.

Don’t use Belvedere or Grey Goose to do this procedure! Just a standard, cheaper vodka with high alcohol percentage is fine.

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