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You Are Aged To Perfection!

The false belief that the business aviation has an age limit like the airline does, couldn’t be further from the truth!

The corporate aviation industry focus more on the “profile-with-job” matching, therefore they chose the candidate whether if this person could be a good fit for type of operation or not.

The non-discrimination influence we get in Europe from oversea is growing stronger every day.

More and more companies are abandoning the stereotypes related to this job.

Sometimes you have a MINIMUM age limit, sometimes there are no specifics.

Some other times you have a maximum age limit, like in the airline.

In this last case, we can understand that the job is not yet done.

There are some organizations who have some requirement such as only female, maximum 35 years old, from certain nationalities only etc…

I am confident those stereotypes soon will be abandoned. We still have to wait… after all, Roma wasn’t built in a day, was it?!?

In the meantime, remember that YOU are aged to PERFECTION!

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